Michelle Windle


Clarity. Insight. Purpose.

Strategic coaching for work, leadership and wellbeing.

I believe in coaching the person, not the role or the problem. As a dual trained coach and therapist, I am able to bring clarity of insight and psychological awareness to my coaching practice. I work lightly with insight and depth to facilitate profound change in a short space of time.

I work with individuals to identify personal and professional strengths, understand where you are currently, what is holding you back and together find a way forward to where you want to be.

I work with respect, humour, empathy and confidentiality.

Coaching can help with:

Providing clarity when feeling stuck or unsure where to go next

Managing the challenges of running your own business

Feelings of imposter syndrome

Improving challenging or difficult working relationships

Developing your own leadership style

Achieving a promotion or being able to move on from where you are

Transitioning to a new job or project

Managing stress and overwhelm